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IV46 Agoria - Scala (Scala EP)


(low-fi version, 192kBit) Artist: Agoria Release Title: Scala EP Track Title: Scala Label: Innervisions Catalogue no.: IV46 Distribution: Muting The Noise Vinyl release date: 09.09.2013 Digital release date: 23.09.2013 Vinyl available while stocks last at 🤍 Download available (among others) at 🤍 🤍 🤍 Visit us on 🤍 Subscribe to our Youtube-channel 'Like' and follow us on 🤍

Martin Odersky - Simply Scala


Opening keynote Scala lets us write beautifully simple code. It incurs very low boilerplate and does not restrict expression in arbitrary ways. Scala itself is also quite a simple language, with few constructs that compose well. On the other hand, Scala is often described as difficult. I believe this criticism is not so much directed at the language itself but at certain libraries, frameworks and applications written in Scala. In my talk I want to raise this problem, and start a discussion how the Scala ecosystem can do better. Slides : 🤍

The Skoda Scala is the BEST value car in the world! Review


This is the new Skoda Scala! It’s the latest hatchback to join Skoda’s range of family cars and it starts from a gloriously cheap price of just under £17,000! It’s designed to go head-to-head with the likes of the Ford Focus and VW Golf, but at such a low starting price, can the Scala really bring the fight to these world-renowned class-leaders? Keep watching to find out! Subscribe to our Local Channels! carwow Arabic - 🤍 carwow Chinese - 🤍 carwow Germany - 🤍 carwow Indonesia - 🤍 carwow Japanese - 🤍 carwow Korean - 🤍 carwow Latin America (Spanish) - 🤍 carwow Portuguese - 🤍 carwow Russian - 🤍 Instagram – 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 Subscribe to Mat’s Channel – 🤍 Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal. Visit our site to save money on your new car – 🤍 Oder auch in Deutschland Geld beim Autokauf sparen – 🤍 Visita nuestra página web para saber cuánto te puedes ahorrar en tu nuevo coche – 🤍

Scala Tutorial Full Course


1. What is Scala and Why to Learn Scala? – 00:05 2. Scala Setup – 02:03 3. Scala First Code – 09:43 4. Scala Defining Variable using Var & Val – 20:52 5. Class and Object in Scala – 31:19 6. Creating Methods in Scala – 39:10 7. List & Lambda Expression in Scala – 49:12 8. List Reverse , Drop & Take – 53:12  9. Scala Type Hierarchy – 01:01:09 10. List of Complex Objects in Scala – 01:06:02 11. Tuples in Scala – 01:20:47

Scala Tutorial for Beginners


This Scala Tutorial course is aimed at complete beginners to the subject. For those who have no programming experience or those who have limited knowledge of Scala . This Course get you up and running and will give you the skills you need to master the Scala programming language. - “Scala is an acronym for Scalable Language ”- Scala is a modern multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way.- Scala is written by Martin Odersky at EPFL. - Scala is Statically Typed- Scala Runs on JVM, full inter-op with Java.- Scala is Object Oriented- Scala is Functional- Scala has Dynamic Features- Scala is Scala blends object-oriented and functional programming in a statically typed language. #scala #SBT 00:00:03 1 - Introduction to Scala 00:07:29 2 - Introduction to SBT (Scala Build Tool) 00:10:59 3 - How to Install and Setup SBT on Windows 10 00:27:17 4 - Data Types and Variables 00:43:10 5 - How to Install Scala IDE Windows 10 + First Scala Hello World Application 00:53:51 6 - Scala String Interpolation 01:01:10 7 - Scala - IF ELSE Statements 01:10:10 8 - Scala while Loop and do-while Loop 01:16:07 9 - Scala For Loop 01:26:39 10 - Match expressions 01:33:26 11 - Scala Functions 01:43:19 12 - Anonymous Functions + Default Values Function + more ... 01:51:14 13 - Scala - Higher Order Functions 02:00:15 14 - Scala - Partially Applied Functions 02:08:57 15 - How to use closures in Scala 02:14:44 16 - Function Currying in Scala 02:23:40 17 - Strings 02:34:05 18 - Arrays 02:44:12 19 - Lists 02:58:48 20 - Scala Sets 03:11:11 21 - Scala Maps 03:24:01 22 - Scala Tuples 03:35:43 23 - Scala Options Type 03:45:53 24 - map, flatMap, flatten and filter (Higher-order Methods) 03:59:18 25 - Reduce, fold or scan 04:10:38 26 - Scala Classes 04:19:37 27 - Auxiliary constructors 04:26:21 28 - How To Extend Class - Class Inheritance 04:37:57 29 - Scala Abstract Class 04:44:24 30 - Scala Lazy Evaluation 04:51:06 31 - Scala Trait The goal of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of Scala applications. We'll start with the basics, starting from installing Scala on different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac and Linux on variety of IDE's e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Netbeans etc. Then we will learn all the basic concepts in Scala Programming with examples including Scala Syntax Object Oriented Language, Traits, Methods, Pattern Matching, Tuples, Annotations, Designators, Overview, Environment Setup, Basic Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Classes & Objects, Access Modifiers, Operators, IF ELSE, Loop Statements, Functions, Closures, Strings, Arrays, Collections, Regular Expressions, Exception Handling, Extractors, Files I/O. I believe the best way to learn is to understand how a tool works and what it does for you, look at examples, and then try it yourself. That's how this course is built, with the goal to help you both learn and understand Scala.Learn Scala Tutorial for Beginners #ScalaTutorial #LearnScala #ScalaTutorialforBeginners #ScalaCourse ★★★Top Online Courses From ProgrammingKnowledge ★★★ Python Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Java Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Bash Shell Scripting Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 Linux Command Line Tutorials ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 C Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 C Programming Course ➡️ 🤍 ⚫️ 🤍 ★★★ Online Courses to learn ★★★ Get 2 FREE Months of Unlimited Classes from skillshare - 🤍 Data Science - 🤍 | 🤍 Machine Learning - 🤍 | 🤍 Artificial Intelligence - 🤍 | 🤍 MERN Stack E-Degree Program - 🤍 | 🤍 DevOps E-degree - 🤍 | 🤍 Data Analytics with R - 🤍 | 🤍 AWS Certification Training - 🤍 | 🤍 Projects in Java - 🤍 | 🤍 Machine Learning With TensorFlow - 🤍 | 🤍 Angular 8 - Complete Essential Guide - 🤍 Kotlin Android Development Masterclass - 🤍 Learn iOS Programming Building Advance Projects - 🤍 ★★★ Follow ★★★ My Website - 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

Should you wait for the update? Skoda Scala 2023 review


A facelifted version of the Skoda Scala is coming. But should you wait? The 2023 Skoda Scala hatch is still a very good thing, with two grades and decent value on offer. However, the base model is now feeling a little cheap, and not in a nice way, with its three-cylinder engine and some missing features. So the pricing and specs could prove a decision maker for you but if you are sold on the idea of a Skoda Scala, there are a number of really good reasons why you should buy this instead of a VW Golf, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, or any number of other options. In this review, I'll tell you the best alternatives, and a whole heap of other great info including fuel efficiency, ownership (warranty, service costs) and more. 00:00 Intro 00:28 Is it the right price? 01:55 What are the best alternatives? 03:13 Is it the right size? 04:37 Interior 07:38 Under the bonnet 08:26 Driving 11:40 Efficiency 12:24 Is it safe? 12:52 Ownership 13:28 Verdict I am aiming to review every new car on the market that people actually buy, to help new-car customers like you, or curious car enthusiasts (maybe also like you) get the right steer when it comes to choosing a new set of wheels. If you're looking for a car for yourself, monitoring the market and hunting for the latest info, or even if you've just bought your new car and you're looking to see what experts like me think about it, The Right Car will offer you something of value. Subscribe to The Right Car: 🤍 I'm aiming to upload a review or two per week, so if you have any specific cars you want me to take a look at, please feel free to leave a comment. Any feedback on my content is welcome, and you can feel free to email me or hit me up on social media. I'm eager to see this new channel grow, and it can only do that with your support and feedback - so please let me know if there's anything you don't like, want more of, or would like to see changed. I'd love to hear from you. Follow The Right Car on social media to see what I'm up to and to ask any questions! The Right Car: TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #skoda #car #review

Top 10 Skills to Learn to Be a Scala Developer


Article: 🤍 Scala Essentials course: https: // Advanced Scala course: 🤍 This video is for aspiring Scala developers. As the Scala ecosystem matures and evolves, this is the best time to become a Scala developer, and in this video you will learn the essential tools that you should master to be a good Scala software engineer. We'll talk about the CS concepts you'll need to be a good Scala developer and then we'll outline the top 10 skills (mostly mental models) that you will need to become a Scala programmer. Contents: 0:00 intro and benefits 4:08 immutability 5:59 expressions vs instructions 8:58: OOP 11:54 pattern matching 13:00 functions as values 15:06 collections 17:41 abstract reasoning with FP 20:16 monads (briefly) 20:53 futures 22:47 contextual abstractions Follow Rock the JVM on: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Why Scala? | An introduction by Adam Warski


What is Scala? Scala is a strongly typed, functional programming language. Although it has a reputation of being a complex to learn, in fact it's built out of a couple of basic features, all of which are quite general and interact with each other. Why Scala is the best functional language to use for business applications? What makes Scala unique among other functional programming languages? Learn from our CTO, Adam Warski, Scala & Distributed systems Expert and OSS Developer. — ⭐ 🤍 ⭐ 🤍 ⭐ 🤍adamwarski ⭐ hello🤍 ⭐ 🤍

Scala Tutorial


Get the Cheat Sheet Here : 🤍 Best Scala Book : 🤍 MY UDEMY COURSES ARE 87.5% OFF TIL December 19th ($9.99) ONE IS FREE ➡️ Python Data Science Series for $9.99 : Highest Rated & Largest Python Udemy Course + 56 Hrs + 200 Videos + Data Science 🤍 ➡️ C Programming Bootcamp Series for $9.99 : Over 23 Hrs + 53 Videos + Quizzes + Graded Assignments + New Videos Every Month 🤍 ➡️ FREE 15 hour Golang Course!!! : 🤍 I LIVESTREAM CODE HERE : 🤍 MY DISCORD : 🤍 ( Contact Me Anytime ) Support me on Patreon : 🤍 00:55 Installation 03:03 REPL 04:36 Data Types 07:00 Math 09:57 If 12:38 Compiled Scala / Main 13:11 While 13:57 Do While 14:25 For Loops 19:46 User Input / Output 25:17 Strings 27:40 Functions 31:08 Recursion 33:22 Arrays 34:32 ArrayBuffer 37:04 Yield 37:40 ForEach 41:52 Maps 44:59 Tuples 46:39 Classes 54:26 Companion Objects / Static 57:42 Inheritance 1:01:22 Abstract Classes 1:03:11 Traits 1:06:04 Higher Order Functions 1:06:46 Map 1:07:53 Filter 1:10:07 Closures 1:11:05 File I/O 1:12:57 Exception Handling

Functional Programming in Scala


After 10 years of Object Orientated Java, 2 years of Functional Programming in Scala was enough to convince me that I could never switch back. But why? The answer is simple: Functional Scala lets you think less. It reduces the number of moving parts you need to hold in your head, lets you stay focussed and saves your mental stack from overflowing. In this talk I'll show you how to stop treating Scala as a better Java and start exploring the world of Functional Programming. I'll use code examples to demonstrate a four step path that'll let you ease yourself into the world of Functional Programming while continuing to deliver production quality code. With each step we'll learn a new technique, and understand how it leaves you with less to think about: Hopefully this talk will convince you that Functional Scala leads to code that's easier to hold in your head, and leave you excited about learning a new paradigm. Original talk title: Thinking Less with Scala Talk by Daniel Sebban at Scalapeño. Check out his Medium page: 🤍 Learn to code for free and get a developer job: 🤍 Read hundreds of articles on programming: 🤍



Scala is improving rapidly. This session will give you the perspective of someone in the middle of these changes. Scala is improving rapidly. This session will give you the perspective of someone in the middle of these changes. You will learn how the Scala Improvement Process works, get to know some of the experimental features, and meet some planned but yet unimplemented. 🤍 Scalar Conference 2023 powered by SoftwareMill #scalarconf

Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Live in Bruges


Thanks to Polychrome1201 for the templates: 🤍 original postprocessing on Vimeo: 🤍 Setlist: 01. [0:00:00] California Dreamin 02. [0:03:36] Seashell 03. [0:07:35] Black Horse & The Cherry Tree 04. [0:11:54] Evigheden 05. [0:18:04] Every Breath You Take 06. [0:23:08] It Never Will Come Back 07. [0:27:44] Nothing Else Matters 08. [0:33:09] Solsbury Hill 09. [0:37:42] Little Man 10. [0:41:45] With Or Without You 11. [0:46:37] Magic 12. [0:51:54] I Fail

Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Engel (Rammstein)


Our version of Rammstein's Engel, live at Concertgebouw (Bruges, BE)

Scala Di Milano


Provided to YouTube by Epic Scala Di Milano · Tedua · Guè La Divina Commedia ℗ An Epic release P) 2023 Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.a. Released on: 2023-06-02 Associated Performer: Tedua feat. Guè Lyricist: Mario Molinari Lyricist: Cosimo Fini Producer: Night Skinny Composer, Lyricist: Luca Di Blasi Composer: Luca Pace Auto-generated by YouTube.

Szymon Rodziewicz - How does a Programmer Think About Code? | Scala Days 2023 Seattle


How does a Programmer Think About Code? The Scala Toolkit is a new initiative by Scala Center and VirtusLab designed from the cognitive perspective. Its goal is to make the Scala language batteries-included and well-suited for newcomers and simple problems. In this talk, we will dive into the state of research on the neurocognitive perspective on programming. This insight helped us design the Scala Toolkit and decide its future steps. It can be surprisingly helpful and refreshing when designing new languages, building APIs, and just trying to write better code at your job. Moreover, it can deepen one’s understanding of the good practices in the programming world. This talk aims to show the cognitive perspective on the programming process and how to apply it practically when designing languages, APIs, or just writing code at one’s job. I will show a cognitive model explaining how the programmer’s brain works with the code. This model is based on the current research, but is also tailored to the programmer’s practical perspective. Based on this model, I will derive rules and perspectives that help design and write better code. Some of them, such as immutability in programming, or Cognitive Dimensions in UX research, are already being applied in the industry. Nevertheless, I will shine a new light on them. I will also present the Scala Toolkit and how it aims to improve the Scala developers’ experience. Szymon Rodziewicz VirtusLab Szymon works at the Scala 3 Compiler Team at VirtusLab, Scala Center, and EPFL. He leads the Scala Toolkit project and regularly contributes to the Scala 3 compiler and Scala documentation. His interest lies in making programming languages accessible and comfortable to work with. The organizer of the Krakow Scala User Group.

#Scala Crash Course by a Scala Veteran (with some JavaScript flavor)


Learn Scala in one video from a 10+ years Scala veteran. Watch my videos before everyone else! 🤍 Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020: 🤍 Setup your Scala dev environment with coursier: 🤍 🤍TraversyMedia Table of Contents: 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:55 Slides - Why learn Scala? 00:08:40 Slides - Why learn Scala now? 00:10:12 Slides - What is Scala? 00:15:28 Environment setup 00:33:42 Tour 00:40:12 Comments/Javadoc/Scaladoc (crash course starts here) 00:42:56 Keywords: val, var, def, lazy val 00:49:22 Top level definitions 00:52:23 The Uniform Access Principle 00:55:28 Types 01:04:45 Keyword: type 01:05:50 Literals and String interpolation 01:15:42 If expressions and the type hiearchy 01:23:36 Boolean opeartions and equality 01:26:32 Loops and tail recursion 01:30:41 Higher order functions and lambdas aka anonymous functions aka arrow functions 01:39:41 Pattern matching and partial functions 01:49:46 Exceptions 01:51:55 Collections and imports 02:14:36 For Comprehensions 02:21:07 Factorial (just another tail recursive example) 02:23:48 Adding/removing elements to collections and right-associative operators 02:31:08 Methods with variable argument lists aka Varargs 02:32:38 Function currying and OO classes 02:40:28 OO objects and properties 02:45:21 OO traits, inheritance and subtype polymorphism 02:46:48 Self types 02:48:28 Objects (classes) expose methods and hide data 02:52:28 Data structures (case classes) expose data and hide methods 02:58:42 Algebraic Data Types aka ADTs 03:13:00 Implicits Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 GitHub: 🤍 LBRY: 🤍 Install scripts: 🤍 Giter8 templates: 🤍 Spotify concentration playlist: 🤍 Cheers and Happy Coding! #tutorial #programming

Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Use Somebody


Curious to see one of our live shows? 🤍

A Brief Introduction to Scala


Erik gives us through a brief introduction to Scala, solving an Exercism exercise and exploring why it's an interesting language to explore. Links: - Learn Scala on Exercism - its 100% free: 🤍 - Bank Account exercise on the Scala track: 🤍 - The Neophyte's Guide to Scala (ebook): 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Welcome 00:36 Introduction 02:34 What Makes Scala great? 05:36 Standout Features 08:45 Solving an exercise 21:22 Learning Resources

The Business of the Scala Programming Language with John A. De Goes


Scott and Ody interview John A. De Goes about the business of the Scala programming language. John A. De Goes is a prominent figure in the software engineering and functional programming communities. He is a software engineer and speaker known for his expertise in the Scala functional programming language. John A. De Goes has made significant contributions to the functional programming ecosystem through his work on libraries, frameworks, and tools. In addition, he has delivered talks at numerous conferences and events, sharing his insights on functional programming, software engineering best practices, and building scalable and robust systems. Scala is a powerful statically-typed programming language that combines object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It was first introduced in 2003 by Martin Odersky and his team at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Scala was designed to address the limitations of existing programming languages and provide a scalable and concise alternative for developing complex applications. Scala's key features include a strong static type system, support for functional programming constructs, and seamless integration with existing Java code. It offers a concise syntax and expressive language features such as pattern matching, higher-order functions, and immutability by default. Scala also provides a sophisticated type inference system, which reduces the need for explicit type annotations and makes the code more readable and maintainable. In terms of industry adoption, Scala has gained significant popularity, particularly in the big data and distributed computing domains. Companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Netflix have embraced Scala for its ability to handle large-scale data processing and concurrency. Scala's compatibility with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has been a driving factor in its adoption, allowing developers to leverage existing Java libraries and frameworks. Despite its success, Scala does come with its own set of challenges. Its complex syntax and steep learning curve can pose difficulties for newcomers. Additionally, maintaining and scaling Scala projects can be challenging due to its highly expressive nature and potential for code complexity. In conclusion, Scala has emerged as a versatile programming language with a rich set of features that blend the best of both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. Its adoption in the industry, particularly in the big data and distributed systems domains, is a testament to its scalability and performance. However, overcoming the challenges associated with its learning curve and managing code complexity remains an ongoing endeavor for developers utilizing Scala. #scala #functionalprogramming #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer 0:00 Intro 2:30 Functional Programming and industry 8:45 Domain Modeling with FP languages 14:00 The decline of Scala adoption 22:00 European business adoption of Function Programming 27:30 Team culture's relationship with Functional Programming 37:00 What can Scala learn from Kotlin? 39:30 Can frameworks be a catalysts for FP adoption? 43:30 The Zio framework for backend development 48:00 FP adoption in OOP 50:15 Finding John A Degoes

What is Scala and Why to Learn Scala?


Scala Ebook : 🤍 Scala is very important with regard to big data world and it stands for scalable language. Scala was created by Martin Odersky and it is promoted by TypeSafe Company. it has to be learned if we need to work on big data in spark framework. It provides concurrency and it doesn’t have boilerplate codes and it is also a functional programming language. It is upgraded version of Java and also helps to use all libraries of Java. This video explains what is Scala, why is it important and why to learn it. Check out our website: 🤍 Follow Telusko on Twitter: 🤍 Follow on Facebook: Telusko : 🤍 Navin Reddy : 🤍 Follow Navin Reddy on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to our other channel: Navin Reddy : 🤍 Telusko Hindi : 🤍 Subscribe to the channel and learn Programming in easy way. Java Tutorial for Beginners : 🤍 Scala Tutorials for Java Developers : 🤍 C Tutorial Playlist : 🤍 Android Tutorial for Beginners Playlist : 🤍 XML Tutorial : 🤍 Design Patterns in Java : 🤍 Socket Programming in Java : 🤍 Spring MVC Tutorial : 🤍 OpenShift Tutorial for Beginners : 🤍 Spring Framework with Maven : 🤍 Sql Tutorial for Beginners : 🤍 String Handling in Java : 🤍 Array in Java : 🤍 Java Servlet : 🤍 Exception Handling in Java : 🤍

Spark Scala | Spark Tutorial | Scala Tutorial | Spark Scala Full Course | Intellipaat


🔵 Intellipaat Apache Spark Scala Course:- 🤍 In this Spark Scala video, you will learn what is apache-spark, Hadoop echo system tools, Spark components, Spark architecture terminology, Spark architecture, What is scala, Installation of scala Dynamic type Inference, types of variables in scala, what is static class, Static class Hands-On. All the concepts are explained with the complete hands-on demo so that you can understand the concepts well. #SparkScala #SparkTutorial #ScalaTutorial #SparkScalaFullCourse #SparkTraining #Intellipaat 🔵 To subscribe to the Intellipaat channel & get regular updates on videos: 🤍 🔵 Watch Apache Spark video tutorials here: 🤍 🔵 Read the complete Apache Spark tutorial here: 🤍 🔵 Get Apache Spark& RDD's cheat sheet here: 🤍 🔵 Interested to learn Apache Spark still more? Please check similar Spark blogs here:- 🤍 Are you looking for something more? Enroll in our Spark course & certification and become a certified Spark Professional (🤍 It is a 24 hrs instructor-led Spark training provided by Intellipaat which is completely aligned with industry standards and certification bodies. If you’ve enjoyed this Spark Tutorial, Like us and Subscribe to our channel for more similar informative Spark tutorials. Got any questions about apache spark? Ask us in the comment section below. Intellipaat Edge 1. 24*7 Lifetime Access & Support 2. Flexible Class Schedule 3. Job Assistance 4. Mentors with +14 yrs 5. Industry Oriented Courseware 6. Lifetime free Course Upgrade Why should you watch this Spark tutorial for beginners? Apache Spark is an open-source computing framework up to 100 times faster than MapReduce and Spark is an alternative form of data processing unique in batch processing and streaming. Learning Spark will help you master all the skills needed to increase application performance and enable high-speed processing using Spark RDDs as well as help in customization of Spark using Scala. We are offering the top Spark tutorial that can be watched by anybody to learn Spark. Our Spark tutorial has been created with extensive inputs from the industry so that you can learn Spark easily. Why Spark is important? Today there is widespread deployment of Big Data. With each passing day the requirements of enterprises increases and therefore there is a need for a faster and more efficient form of processing data. Most of the data is in unstructured format and it is coming in thick and fast as streaming data. The Intellipaat Spark beginners tutorial is easy to understand, has real-world Spark examples, and thus makes you understand why Spark is so important and why you should go for a Spark career. Why should you opt for a Spark career? Apache Spark is seeing widespread demand with enterprises finding it increasingly difficult to hire the right professionals to take on increasingly challenging roles in real-world scenarios. It is a fact that today the Apache Spark community is one of the fastest Big Data communities with over 750 contributors from over 200 companies worldwide. The entire Intellipaat Spark course is in line with the industry needs. Also, it is a fact that Apache Spark developers are among the highest-paid programmers when it comes to programming for the Hadoop framework as compared to ten other Hadoop development tools. Hence this Intellipaat apache spark tutorial is your stepping stone to a successful career! For more information: Call Our Course Advisors IND: +91-7022374614 US: 1-800-216-8930 (Toll-Free) Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Meetup: 🤍

2024 Skoda Scala vs Old Skoda Scala


2024 Skoda Scala vs Old Skoda Scala Comparison Visual Exterior & Interior Overview The engine range comprises three modern TSI units from the highly efficient evo2 generation. The entry-level engine is a 1.0 TSI three-cylinder unit with 70 kW (95 hp) and manual 5-speed transmission. The 1.0 TSI with 85 kW (115 hp) is available with a manual 6-speed gearbox or a 7-speed DSG. The same applies to the top engine, the 110 kW (150 hp) four-cylinder 1.5 TSI. It has ACT cylinder deactivation, which automatically switches off the two middle cylinders when their power is not needed. This is practically imperceptible to the driver and reduces fuel consumption. In addition to the standard suspension, a rough road suspension (with 15 millimetres more ground clearance for the Scala) and Sport Chassis Control with a choice of two damper settings (lowered by 15 millimetres for the Scala and by 10 millimetres for the Kamiq) are optionally available for both models. Subcribe: 🤍 #Skoda

Scala & Kolacny Brothers: California Dreamin'


Live in Bruges, April 2010 Full show: 🤍

Skoda Scala 2020 in-depth review - Carbuyer


Skoda Scala review: 🤍 Watch our latest video: 🤍 Sign up to Carbuyer’s newsletter for the latest videos, news, reviews and advice: 🤍 The Skoda Scala is a rival to the Volkswagen Golf, launched as an alternative to Skoda’s very own Octavia for those who find that car slightly too big. Skoda’s cars are renowned for their build quality, practicality and value-for-money, and the Scala will need these three ingredients and more to compete in a very crowded class. Rivals include the Ford Focus, Mazda3, Kia Ceed, Vauxhall Astra, Hyundai i30, as well as the Golf, to name just a few rivals. Batch finds out whether Skoda’s new model has what it takes. SUBSCRIBE to Carbuyer for new videos every week: 🤍 Volkswagen Golf review: 🤍 Ford Focus review: 🤍 Vauxhall Astra review: 🤍 Mazda3 review: bitly link to CB review Kia Ceed review: 🤍 Best family cars: 🤍 Family hatchbacks playlist: 🤍 Follow us: – – Subscribe to Auto Express magazine: 🤍 Carbuyer makes car buying simple. We're the only automotive brand that's approved by the Plain English Campaign, delivering you clear, concise and easy to understand information about the things that really matter when you're choosing - and buying - your next car. 🤍 Every week, Carbuyer's YouTube channel brings you simple and entertaining reviews on every major make and model that's available for sale in the UK. Plus you'll find frequently-updated top 10 features and the occasional group test for good measure. If you want even more helpful information, head over to where you'll find in-depth reviews of more than 500 cars, alongside the best buying advice and dozens of features helping you to narrow down your car buying shortlist.

Scala & Kolacny Brothers: Nothing Else Matters


Live in Bruges, April 2010 Full show: 🤍

Daniel Ciocîrlan FULL-STACK SCALA 3 WITH TYPELEVEL STACK Scalar Conference 2023


A blueprint and approach for building end-to-end, full-stack applications in Scala 3. This talk will demonstrate a blueprint and approach for building end-to-end, full-stack applications in Scala 3, using Cats, Cats Effect, Doobie, FS2, Http4s and friends, working live at Rock the JVM. Daniel Ciocîrlan The Rock the JVM, a learning platform, founder, scala developer and teacher. 🤍 Scalar Conference 2023 powered by SoftwareMill #scalarconf

What is Scala? | Scala Programming Tutorial for Beginners | Apache Spark Training | Edureka


* Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training- 🤍 * This Edureka Live video on "What is Scala" will provide you detailed knowledge of Scala. You can learn the Features and practical examples in Scala language by understanding and executing all the basic operations in Scala. The following topics are covered in this video: What is Scala? Why do we need Scala? Features of Scala Frameworks of Scala Variables in Scala Collections in Scala Basic operations in Scala Scala Complete Playlist: 🤍 Big Data Podcast - 🤍 Subscribe to our Edureka YouTube channel to get video updates: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Slideshare: 🤍 How it Works? 1. This is a 4 Week Instructor led Online Course, 32 hours of assignment and 20 hours of project work 2. We have a 24x7 One-on-One LIVE Technical Support to help you with any problems you might face or any clarifications you may require during the course. 3. At the end of the training you will have to work on a project, based on which we will provide you a Grade and a Verifiable Certificate! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Why learn Apache Spark? In this era of ever growing data, the need for analyzing it for meaningful business insights is paramount. There are different big data processing alternatives like Hadoop, Spark, Storm and many more. Spark, however is unique in providing batch as well as streaming capabilities, thus making it a preferred choice for lightening fast big data analysis platforms. About the Course This Spark training will enable learners to understand how Spark executes in-memory data processing and runs much faster than Hadoop MapReduce. Learners will master Scala programming and will get trained on different APIs which Spark offers such as Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Spark RDD, Spark MLlib and Spark GraphX. This Edureka course is an integral part of Big Data developer's learning path. After completing the Apache Spark and Scala training, you will be able to: 1) Understand Scala and its implementation 2) Master the concepts of Traits and OOPS in Scala programming 3) Install Spark and implement Spark operations on Spark Shell 4) Understand the role of Spark RDD 5) Implement Spark applications on YARN (Hadoop) 6) Learn Spark Streaming API 7) Implement machine learning algorithms in Spark MLlib API 8) Analyze Hive and Spark SQL architecture 9) Understand Spark GraphX API and implement graph algorithms 10) Implement Broadcast variable and Accumulators for performance tuning 11) Spark Real-time Projects - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Who should go for this Course? This course is a must for anyone who aspires to embark into the field of big data and keep abreast of the latest developments around fast and efficient processing of ever-growing data using Spark and related projects. The course is ideal for: 1. Big Data enthusiasts 2. Software Architects, Engineers and Developers 3. Data Scientists and Analytics professionals - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Who should go for our Spark Training Course? The market for Big Data Analytics is growing tremendously across the world and such a strong growth pattern followed by market demand is a great opportunity for all IT Professionals. Here are a few Professional IT groups, who are continuously enjoying the benefits and perks of moving into the Big-Data domain. Developers and Architects BI /ETL/DW Professionals Senior IT Professionals Testing Professionals Mainframe Professionals Freshers Big Data Enthusiasts Software Architects, Engineers, and Developers Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals For more information, Please write back to us at sales🤍 or call us at: IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll free)

Škoda Scala a Kamiq facelift 2024: LED Matrix svetlá, športovejší dizajn a pôvodná ponuka motorov


Škoda zmodernizovala dva dôležité modely - kompaktný hatchback Scala a od nej odvodený crossover Kamiq. Zamerala sa hlavne na bezpečnostnú výbavu, od svetiel až po nové asistenčné systémy. Obe autá dostali vylepšený dizajn a upravená bola aj zostava výbav. Ponuka motorov ostáva bez zmeny. Kamera: Roman Buocik Strih: Ján Johno Gajdoš Redaktor: Michal Karpat Škoda testy a prvé jazdy 🤍 Odoberať Autožurnál - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Web - 🤍 #Skoda #ScalaFacelift #KamiqFacelift

HTTP Authentication in Scala with Http4s: Passwords, Digests, Sessions, JWTs


blog post: 🤍 Full Stack Scala course: 🤍 This long-form video will teach you how to implement HTTP authentication and authorization in Scala with http4s. You will learn how to - use usernames and passwords with basic credentials in HTTP - use digests for hashing passwords - use session cookies so that a browser can maintain a logged-in state - use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to manage authorization and flexible capabilities (e.g. permissions) to your server Everything is written from scratch with Scala and http4s, a Typelevel library. Follow Rock the JVM on: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: Blog: 🤍 - Home: 🤍 -

Scala & Kolacny Brothers: With or Without You


Live in Bruges, April 2010 Full show: 🤍



High School Mysteries Episode 1.A series done by Morgan High Students and Let Them Laugh Crew. #morganhighschool #Talemfilms #mcscala #HighSchoolMysteries

Scala - Live Electric Violins - Britians Got Talent


Amazing 4 girls who got through their audition on BGT. They didn't win but they soo should have !!! They are awesome =P

Skoda Scala: 6 reasons why it's our 2022 Best Family Car for Value | What Car? | Sponsored


Is it big? Is it small? Well, the Skoda Scala is both, really. If you need maximum interior space for the money but want to do without the bulkier exterior of an Octavia, the Scala is the cake that you can have and eat. Here are 6 reasons why it won. 00:00 Introduction 00:11 Competitive pricing 00:35 Low running costs 01:04 Well equipped 01:25 Comfortable ride 01:46 Spacious interior 02:06 Large boot #2022WhatCarAwards #FamilyCar #SkodaScala Save thousands on your next new car with What Car? at 🤍 New videos are uploaded to What Car? each week. Don't miss a single one. Subscribe now: 🤍 Visit our website at 🤍 What Car? is the UK's biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain's car buyers make purchasing decisions for more than 40 years. Our tests are widely regarded as the most trusted source of new car advice. This channel brings you trusted reviews on all the new models on the market, all the latest first drives, reader reviews, and great car-buying advice. All reviews are available in full online at - the UK's leading car-buying website, offering trusted reviews and data on every new car. The website also offers advice on car leasing, new car deals and new and used cars for sale. Follow What Car? here: LIKE What Car? on Facebook: 🤍 FOLLOW What Car? on Twitter: 🤍 Check out our full video catalog: 🤍

Scala Tutorial - Quick & Easy Scala Introduction


Scala Tutorial - Quick & Easy Scala Introduction. Scala is a very powerful end elegant programming language. In this Scala Tutorial, I would like to give you a small Scala introduction and explain the fundamentals of the Scala programming language. If you would like more Scala Tutorials that go deeper than just a Scala Introduction please let me know in the comments. Scala Book: 🤍 _All social media Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 _About the channel Awesome Data science without much math and everything you need to know to deploy your machine learning models! All videos will be easy to follow and I'll try to reduce the complicated mathematical stuff to a minimum because I believe that you don't need to know how a CPU works to be able to operate a PC... GitHub: 🤍 _Equipment Laptop: 🤍 Keyboard: 🤍 Mouse: 🤍 Display: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Camera 1: 🤍 Lens Camera 1: 🤍 Camera 2: 🤍 Lens Camera 2: 🤍 Audio-Recorder: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Light: 🤍 Softbox: 🤍 Accent Lights: 🤍

A Monads Approach for Beginners, in Scala | Rock the JVM


Written version: 🤍 This video is for Scala programmers with some essential skills (generics, Options and how flatMap works on lists). In here, I'll try to arrive at the monad structure by writing code and solving programming problems, instead of weird mexican-food analogies or blackboard abstract math. Monads are inherently abstract, but we'll write concrete examples, and then derive the structure of a monad and the monad properties ("laws") starting from the concrete and then generalizing the ideas. We'll write some 150 lines of code in this video alone. Contents: 0:00 Intro and requirements 1:00 The ETW pattern and monad structure 10:50 Example 1: a census application 17:05 Example 2: async calls in an online store 24:51 Example 3: double-for "loops" 28:28 The monad properties Follow Rock the JVM on: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 - Home: 🤍 -

2024 Skoda Scala Reveal – Exterior, Interior


Škoda Auto is comprehensively updating its compact Škoda Scala and Škoda Kamiq city SUV model series. Both models offer a very high level of active and passive safety, courtesy of rigid bodies and a now even more advanced range of assistance systems. Being based on the same MQB-A0 platform, both the Scala and the Kamiq feature efficient, modern TSI engines from the evo2 generation, with power outputs ranging from 70 kW (95 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp). 2024 Skoda Kamiq Reveal – 🤍 With its refined, sharply drawn lines, the Scala looks even more dynamic, while the Kamiq’s design adjustments lend it more rugged SUV appeal. Both models now come with Škoda’s TOP LED Matrix headlights as an option – a first for these models. An increased proportion of recycled and natural materials for the exterior and interior ensures greater sustainability. The restructured product range for both models now consists of three trim levels with six interior variants along with optional equipment packages. A Digital Display with an 8-inch screen diagonal and an 8.25-inch Škoda Infotainment display already come as standard in all models. New Simply Clever details round off the refresh. With its Scala and Kamiq models, Škoda Auto has successfully won over new customers for the brand. An expressively designed, practical hatchback model with comprehensive standard equipment, the Scala has set benchmarks in the compact class with its generous interior space and luggage capacity. Since first appearing in showrooms in 2019, nearly 230,000 units have been delivered to customers in 57 markets worldwide. A few months after presenting the Scala, the Czech car manufacturer entered the booming city SUV segment with the new Kamiq. This model offers the advantages of an SUV such as a better view and more comfortable entry and exit courtesy of its raised seating position, along with greater ground clearance, and combines these features with the agility and handling of a compact car. TOP LED Matrix headlights Škoda has now presented the Scala and Kamiq with extensive updates. The Scala now looks even more dynamic, evoking the Vision RS concept study with its revised Škoda grille, slimmed-down headlights, redesigned aprons at the front and rear and striking air curtains. The Kamiq now comes with a larger, more upright Škoda grille, while new aprons with striking diffusers lend it more rugged SUV appeal. Moreover, the Kamiq’s signature split headlights have new proportions: the upper lighting element is even more slender, while the lower one has grown in size. It accommodates optional TOP LED Matrix headlights with distinctive hexagonal Matrix modules, available for the first time for the Kamiq as well as the Scala. In the hatchback model, the crystalline LED modules were designed to evoke sparkling little blocks of ice or gemstones. Sustainable materials and efficient powertrains Škoda has again increased the proportion of sustainable materials in the Scala and Kamiq produced at the main plant in Mladá Boleslav. For example, the water reservoir underneath the windscreen and the wheel arch linings are made from recycled plastics. In the interior, natural plant fibres from hemp and kenaf are used in the door trim panels and in the structure of the roof lining, alongside recycled fabrics for the upholstery, flooring and foot mats. The engine range comprises three modern TSI units from the highly efficient evo2 generation. The entry-level engine is a 1.0 TSI three-cylinder unit with 70 kW (95 hp) and manual 5-speed transmission. The 1.0 TSI with 85 kW (115 hp) is available with a manual 6-speed gearbox or a 7-speed DSG. The same applies to the top engine, the 110 kW (150 hp) four-cylinder 1.5 TSI. It has ACT cylinder deactivation, which automatically switches off the two middle cylinders when their power is not needed. This is practically imperceptible to the driver and reduces fuel consumption. In addition to the standard suspension, a rough road suspension (with 15 millimetres more ground clearance for the Scala) and Sport Chassis Control with a choice of two damper settings (lowered by 15 millimetres for the Scala and by 10 millimetres for the Kamiq) are optionally available for both models. Safety As is typical for Škoda, the upgraded Kamiq and Scala come with numerous assistance systems, some of which are more commonly associated with higher vehicle categories. They thus further enhance the level of active and passive safety of these two compact models: in the European Union, the standard equipment includes, for example, Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitor, Lane Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition among other features. In the event of an accident, up to nine airbags protect the occupants. _ Video Timeline 0:00 – Skoda Scala Introduction 1:16 – Skoda Scala Exterior 5:02 – Skoda Scala Interior



Škoda Scala je jakýmsi mezistupněm mezi Fabií a větší rodinnou Octavkou. Scala znamená v latině „schody“ nebo „žebřík“, podle Škody představuje velký krok vpřed v segmentu kompaktních vozů. Pokud se vám video bude líbit, budu moc rád za like, odběr, zvoneček a případné sdílení. ►SOCIÁLNÍ SÍTĚ ● DISCORD: 🤍 ● STREAMY: 🤍 ● INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ● SPOTIFY: 🤍 ►PODCAST (S)TALK ● SPOTIFY: 🤍 ● ZDARMA K POSLECHU/ STAŽENÍ: 🤍 ►MŮJ SETUP: 🤍 ►SOFTWARE: ● Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 ● Adobe After Effect Pro 2020 ● Adobe Photoshop 2021 ● Adobe Audition 2020 #ŠkodaScala #Scala2023 #ScalaTest

Python vs. Scala - which one should YOU learn?


Hey guys, Just wanted to give my thoughts on whether you should learn python or scala in 2019. There are a lot of considerations to make when picking the best programming language to learn, hopefully I can help!

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