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10 Chord Patterns for 10 Different Emotions


Check out my latest upload: 10 Winning Chord Layering Techniques 🤍 [FREE Consultation] Learn music production in 6 weeks with EDM Bootcamp: 🤍 [FREE Chord Building Blueprint Guide]: 🤍 Get vocals on your songs with my vocal packs: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:18 1 - uplifting, joyful, and euphoric 1:22 2 - deep and serious 2:50 3 - tense and suspenseful 3:45 4 - sad, like really sad 4:43 5 - feel good, euphoric 6:10 6 - euphoric, but also kinda sad 7:13 7 - pump up and aggressive 8:43 8 - pump up but kind of happy 9:56 9 - chill and relaced 11:22 10 - happy

A free MIDI pack with 7000+ chords #shorts #musicproduction #musician


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Logic Pro 10.7.5 - Easy Chord Progressions with MIDI FX Record


In this video I demonstrate how to easily create chord progressions and rhythmic chord ideas using the new MIDI FX Record feature in Logic Pro 10.7.5! This also requires the Chord Trigger MIDI FX plugin. Check out my FREE 10-part course "What's New in Logic 10.7.5" over at MacProVideo! This course includes "deep-dive" tutorials on each new update! Link below: 🤍 Website: 🤍 IG: 🤍 #logicpro #logicprox #musictechhelpguy Timestamps: 0:00 Intro + MIDI FX Record Setup 1:14 Chord Trigger Setup 2:08 Using MIDI FX Record 4:41 Managing MIDI FX Chain



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10 Powerful Chord Progressions Every Songwriter Should Know


In this video you’ll learn 10 powerful chord progressions every songwriter should know. Download the MIDI pack here: 🤍 Discover the language of music with LANDR Premium Courses—learn essential music theory concepts, from scales and modes to key signatures and notation, and enhance your musical understanding: 🤍 I’ll be playing all 10 chord progressions on the piano, and in Ableton Live along with some loops I’ve found. I’ll also be providing a downloadable MIDI pack so you can use them in your own productions. LANDR Studio has everything you need to take a track from inspiration to release. Studio includes monthly Mastering and Samples credits, access to curated plugins, unlimited music distribution and collaboration tools. Check out LANDR Studio here: 🤍 Subscribe to LANDR on YouTube: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 00:43 - The Most Popular Progression 1:19 - Sad But Uplifting 1:54 - The Storyteller 2:54 - The Bass Players Progression 4:00 - Jazz It Up 4:33 - The Journey 5:10 - Secondary Dominants 6:00 - Epic Progression 6:44 - The Minor Change 7:35 - Trap Chords I’ll be playing all of these chord progressions on the piano in the key of C major, so it’s easier to follow along with the video. During the video, I’ll show you a function in Ableton Live that will let you use any of these chord progression in any key. Many of the chord progressions in this video are used in popular songs. After playing the chord progressions, I’ll be reviewing which of my favorite songs contain these chord progressions. Take these progressions, and use them to build your own song. Grab some samples for a beat. Write some lyrics, and record some vocals. Here’s some helpful way to get started: Grab some samples: 🤍 Record your vocals at home: 🤍 Write lyrics: 🤍 Try LANDR now: 🤍 Subscribe to LANDR on YouTube: 🤍 Follow the LANDR blog to get the best tips, tools and tutorials for producers: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #musiceducation #chords #chordprogressions #chordtheory #musicproduction #musictheory #songwriting #landr #pianolesson #harmony #music #drums #DAW #musicmaking #musiccreation

The 6-5-1 R&B chord progression is insane!! 🎹


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How to make chord progressions - music theory you NEED to know (50 FREE MIDI files)


Get the free MIDI files: 🤍 Try Analog Lab for free: 🤍 Get the sounds used in the tutorial: 🤍 In this video, we go over chord progressions for a wide variety of genres. While we are using Ableton Live in this video, the concepts covered apply to any DAW. Here's the breakdown: 00:00 - Intro 02:06 - Pop (basic triads) 07:30 - Trap - (minor key/inversions) 13:21 - Reggaeton (arpeggios) 16:03 - Hip hop (rhythmic structure) 20:39 - Deep House -(leading to the I chord) - 26:23 - R&B (7th chords) - 30:25 - Lo-fi (extensions) - 33:59 - Progressive House (longer progressions)- 37:35 - Future Bass (combing techniques) - #chordprogressions #musictheory #musicproduction #musictutorial #productiontutorial #tutorial #splice #electronicmusic #beatmaking #beats #beatmaker #producer #samples #sampling #sounds #samplepack

the problem with MIDI Packs


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Emotional Chord Patterns (Easiest Method)


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Free Midi Chord Progressions | Drag & Drop | Link below | 2023🔥🔥


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[FREE] Emotional Chord Progression Midi Pack "KARMA" Summer Walker | Juice WRLD | Lil Durk Midi Kit


🔮 Karma (Midi Kit) Download Link - 🤍 - 🖥 Website - 🤍 📸 Instagram - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 ☑️ Subscribe - 🤍 - This midi kit contains (+10) chord progressions created by "DJ Vybe" in the styles of “Juice WRLD, Summer Walker, Lil Durk" & many more artist & producers alike to deliver that next level sound experience to keep your beat production sounding high quality! - INCLUDES: • (+10) Chord Progression Midis - • Chord Progressions Midi Files • Works In All DAWs • Instant Inspiration! • Way more than just a midi Kit! • Great chords for you to create industry beats! • Installation instructions included* - ✔ INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Use this digital product immediately after ordering through our Servers for lightning download speeds. ✔ Any Operating System - FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One, Maschine, Magic, Garage Band, Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton Live, etc.. (WINDOWS or MAC OS) - Question - Are MIDIS & Loop Kits Royalty Free? - MIDI & Loop Kits are 100% Royalty Free for selling beats which contain the MIDI / Loop files. This includes Leases and Exclusives online. As for placements with major artists and or major labels, all MIDI & sample files must be cleared with us here at Soundwrld before seeking profit. - !DISCLAIMER! You will receive a download link to the product within a few minutes. It will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal/Stripe account. If for any reason you don't receive the product in that time frame, please email us at soundwrld.com🤍gmail.com Extra Tags - electrax vst, electrax, electrax bank, electrax preset bank, electrax pbresets, electra x bank, electrax sound bank, best electrax presets, best electrax bank, elctrax vst presets, best electrax preset bank, preset bank, vst, plugin, sound bank, presets, vst presets, electrax presets,midi kit, melody kit, melodies kit, midi, melodies, melody, midi file, midi files, best melody kit, best midi files, best melodies kit, chords, chord kit, chord progressions, chords and melodies, melodies and chords, melody progression, chords midi pack, best chord progressions, best melody progressions, best chord and melodies file, mnisphere vst, omnisphere, omnisphere bank, omnisphere preset bank, omnishere pbresets, omni bank, omnisphere sound bank, best omnisphere presets, best omnisphere bank, drum kit, drum pack, drum kits, 808 kit, hihat kit, snare kit, drums, drum, kit, drum packs, 808 kits, 808 packs, hihat kits, hihat packs, snare kits, drum loops, drum kit fl studio, best drum kit, best drum kits, fl studio drum kit, fl studio drum kits, fl drum kit, fl drum kits, fl studio loop kit, best omnisphere preset bank, preset bank, vst, plugin, sound bank, presets, vst presets, omnisphere presets, electrax,dababy presets, electrax trap presets, jetsonmade presets, producer presets, producer presets 2020,electrax new presets, new electrax trap presets, electrax free download 2020, free electrax presets, electrax preset bank, electrax presets, soundwrld presets, free producer presets, sound world, sound, wrld, studioplug, wav supply, internet money, bro beatz, studio, music producer, fl studio 20, fl gang, instagram, YouTube, twitter, electrax,electrax bank,electrax preset bank,electra x bank,best electrax presets,best electrax bank,best electrax preset bank,preset bank,sound bank,presets,electrax presets,free electrax bank,free electrax bank 2020,soundwrld,juice wrld presets,juice wrld,the kid laroi,fl studio,sound wrld,abaddon,free electrax presets,free electrax,electrax trap presets,electrax new presets,new electrax presets,electrax free download 2020,electrax trap presets 2020, hyper pop, 100 gets, playboi carti, hyperpop, lil xxel #juicewrld #summerwalker #midikit

10 Dark Chord Progressions Every Producer Should Know (Drill, Trap Chords)


In this video you’ll learn 10 dark chord progressions every producer should know. Download the MIDI pack here: 🤍 Discover the language of music with LANDR Premium Courses—learn essential music theory concepts, from scales and modes to key signatures and notation, and enhance your musical understanding: 🤍 I’ll be playing all 10 chord progressions on the piano, and in Ableton Live along with some trap loops I’ve found. I’ll also be providing a downloadable MIDI pack so you can use them in your own productions. Learn more about secondary dominants: 🤍 Learn more about diminished chords: 🤍 LANDR Studio has everything you need to take a track from inspiration to release. Studio includes monthly Mastering and Samples credits, access to curated plugins, unlimited music distribution and collaboration tools. Check out LANDR Studio here: 🤍 Subscribe to LANDR on YouTube: 🤍 - Try LANDR for free: 🤍 Check out LANDR Studio: 🤍 Subscribe to LANDR on YouTube: 🤍 Follow the LANDR blog to get the best tips, tools and tutorials for producers: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #chordprogressions #musictheory #musicproducer

7 chord progressions every producer SHOULD know - how to play/examples/music theory (FREE MIDI)


0Get the MIDI files: 🤍 Try Arturia V Collection: 🤍 ✨ 1 month FREE of Sounds 100 (new users only) ✨ 🎟promo code: yt2021 🤍 Get some more FREE $H!T: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 00:23 - 1) i v iv V 02:26 - 2) VI V IV V 04:09 - 3) ii V I 05:25 - 4) i III v IV 06:25 - 5) VI iv i VII 07:28 - 6) i VII VI V 08:50 - 7) I V vi IV In this video, we cover chord progressions that can be used in Pop, Trap, Reggaeton, Hip hop, Deep House, R&B, etc...Learn how to play basic triads and listen to popular examples (Drake, Daft Punk, Adele etc...)! #chordprogressions #musictheory #musicproduction #musictutorial #productiontutorial #tutorial #splice #electronicmusic #beatmaking #beats #beatmaker #producer #samples #sampling #sounds #samplepack 7 chord progressions every producer SHOULD know - how to play/examples/music theory (FREE MIDI)

Make Chord Progressions with ChatGPT for any Genre


How to generate Chord Progressions with ChatGPT for any Genre or Style. You can even add stuff like make the chord progression more sad/jazzy or whatever. Or say just change the last chord or make it 8 chords. Endless possibilities! If you have trouble using ezchords check this: 🤍 Prompt: Write a chord progression for a (INSERT GENRE OR STYLE) song inside the box you use for code. Dont write anything else just the progression inside the box. ezchords: 🤍 music: 🤍 more music: 🤍

You'll Never Make A Bad Chord Progression Again After Watching This - FL Studio 20 Tutorial


The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: 🤍 STPL Sounds - Sample Pack That Keeps Growing ➜ 🔥 Get It Here: 🤍 In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make epic chord progressions and melodies in FL Studio 20. This requires zero music theory and can be used all the time. Once you learn this technique you'll never make a bad chord progression again. Highlights: 0:00 - Start 0:25 - Choose Your Sound 1:00 - Set It Up 1:56 - Bass Notes 2:10 - Basic Chords 3:10 - Major vs Minor 3:40 - Some Exceptions 6:20 - Using It In Practice 8:40 - Adding More Notes 10:13 - Inverted Chords 11:32 - Adding A Melody 12:13 - Epic Demo Song

Unison Midi Chord Pack | I Finally Tried It!! | Review and Tutorial


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3 MUST know R&B chord progressions


Try Melodics for free: 🤍 Learn more R&B chord progressions: 🤍 Numbers below Download my R&B chord progression MIDI files here: 🤍 E-Piano Sound: 🤍 I Get Lonely - Key: Dm i - vii - iii - VI - v - # vii i - IV - vii - iii - VI iv - III - II - ii - V - I Between the sheets - Key: Am VI - V - i - vii - iii - VI x2 ii - V - i - vii - iii - VI x2 My Boo - Key: F# minor VI - V - i - vii - iii PRODUCTS Chord Pack // 🤍 Course // 🤍 Sample Packs // 🤍 DAW [Music Software] Reason // 🤍 [Free trial] SOFTWARE Komplete [Synths, Sample Libraries & Effects] // 🤍 LANDR [Mastering, Samples & Effects] // 🤍 [$50 OFF] SERVICES [Discounts & special offers] Splice [Samples, Rent-To-Own Plugins] // 🤍 Tracklib [Legally Sample Records] // 🤍 Melodics [Learn Piano] // 🤍 Distrokid [Music Distribution] // 🤍 HARDWARE Thomann [Europe/Worldwide] - Sweetwater [US] MICROPHONES & AUDIO INTERFACE Shure SM7B [Dynamic Microphone] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/sm7b [US] Solid State SSL2+ [Audio Interface] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/ssl2 [US] MONITORS & HEADHONES Adam Audio A4Vs // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/a4v [US] AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ [Wireless Headphones] // 🤍 KEYBOARDS & CONTROLLERS Komplete Kontrol S49/S61 [Standard] // 🤍 Komplete Kontrol S61 [All White] // 🤍 Maschine Mikro MK3 // 🤍 Maschine+ // 🤍 KEYBOARD & CONTROLLER STAND K&M 18810 [Table-Style Stand] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18810 [US] K&M 18811 [2nd Tier] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18811 [US] K&M 18822 [3rd Tier] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18822 [US] K&M 18819 [Controller - Laptop Tray] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18819 [US] K&M 18803 [Table Top] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18803 [US] K&M 18817 [Universal Holder - requires 18814] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18817 [US] K&M 18814 [Adapter] // 🤍 — sweetwater.sjv.io/18814 [US] DISCLAIMER Some links featured in this description are affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission on any sale driven through the click of said link. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps fund the channel. The products listed in this descriptions are products I use or are featuring in this particular video. WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA Website // 🤍 Instagram // 🤍 Twitter // 🤍 CHAPTERS Intro //

[Free] Anime/J-POP MIDI Chord Progression Pack


ps. this is remake of the old video free : 🤍 paid : 🤍 Want some Japanese-esque sound? This MIDI pack is inspired by J-pop, J-rock, ballads, and other Japanese-related genres. It includes 39 chord progressions in C major, which have been analyzed from over 2,000 J-pop songs. These 39 chord progressions are my all-time favorites, ranging from the most braindead chord spam to nice chromatic jazzy voicing. They are perfect for someone who wants some inspiration or wants to make a song that needs that Japanese-esque sound! Additionally, they are usable in other genres such as future bass, happycore, UK bass, etc. This pack includes: 39 chord progression MIDI files 39 Scaler 2.5 chord sets tag: midi chord pack,chord progressions,midi pack,free midi chord pack,free midi pack,midi chord pack free,midi chords,free midi packs,lofi anime midi pack,midi chord pack free download,free midi chord progression pack,anime future bass midi pack,midi chords pack,pack midi chords,midi chords pack free,midi pack free anime lofi,anime lofi midi pack,midi pack anime lofi,chords midi pack free,free chords midi pack,midi pack anime lofi melodies

Secret Chord Progression Formula 🧙‍♀️🧪✨


Music theory for you



50 SONG CHORD PROGRESSIONS IN UNDER 10 MINUTES Download MIDI Files for all chord progressions: 🤍 In this video, I am going to show you 50 song chords progressions in under 10 minutes, all inside in the FL Studio.You can take any of the chord progressions and use it in your style. Transpose it if you need to. Let me know if you have any queries. If you found this Video helpful, please like, subscribe and share this video. Help others to learn these chord progressions. You can follow me on social networks. Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Youtube Channel: 🤍 Support me and in next videos I will start to upload Packs with Sounds. Thanks for watching.

Make R&B Chord Progressions Using One Splice Sample


Now on Splice: 🤍 Splice on Discord: 🤍 ‘She’ is a perfect way to express yourself with flawless R’n’B / Neo Soul flavours. Emotive vocal loops and beautiful melodics weave together to make a sensual and moody library. Bring your beats to life with a plethora of different instruments and tempos. Set the mood with ’She’. Now on Splice: 🤍

How to Make Chord Progressions (Easiest Method) | Step by Step Beginners Tutorial


Learn how to write chords and chord progressions. In this tutorial PML tutor, Jules / Bound To Divide takes you through the whole process of writing a chord progression. Harmony Bundle: 🤍 🏁 Ableton START TO FINISH Courses + Beginner: 🤍 🔥 - 🔥 FREE Downloads For YOU 🔥 👌🏻 Ableton CHORD Generator: 🤍 🚀 GTA Ableton Project MIDI Pack: 🤍 🎼 Free MIDI Pack: 🤍 - 🏆PREMIUM COURSES & DOWNLOADS 🏆 🏁 Ableton START TO FINISH Courses + Beginner: 🤍 📚 Harmony Courses (Learn Chords, Melodies, Arrangement): 🤍 💎 MIDI Packs (100s of Chord Progressions): 🤍 🎶 SAMPLE PACKS: 🤍 - 🖥 Visit Website: 🤍 Timecodes: 00:00 - Intro 00:24 - Setting up the workspace 03:48 - Placing the root notes 05:56 - Building a triad 07:19 - Music theory tips 08:50 - Chord Voicing & Voice leading 13:30 - Bonus Tip 14:25 - Outro - 🎼 Looking For Ableton Project Files / Templates? 🎼 ☑️ Find here: 🤍 - 📺 Watch Our Top YouTube Playlists 📺 1️⃣ Chord Progression Composition Videos: 🤍 2️⃣ Melody Writing Videos: 🤍 3️⃣ Ableton Beginner Video Playlist: 🤍 4️⃣ Music Production Tutorial Videos: 🤍 5️⃣ Start To Finish Tutorial Videos: 🤍 6️⃣ Full Tracks in Ableton: 🤍 7️⃣ Remakes with Ableton: 🤍 - 💥 PML’s Music Channels & Website 💥 📺 YouTube - 🤍 📷 Instagram - 🤍 🎶 Spotify - 🤍 🖥 Facebook - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 🤴🏻 Personal - 🤍 📚 Education - 🤍 - #abletontips #abletontutorials #pml - Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries 🤍 - Email, inquiries: support🤍productionmusiclive.com Impressum / Imprint / Inhaltliche Ausrichtung 🤍

BEST Midi Chord Pack - Unison vs. Niko's Midi Chord Pack


🎹 Unison Midi Chord Pack 👇 🤍 Niko's Midi Pack 👇 🤍 Use Code "Patrick" to get a FREE one Month Premium Subscription at BeatStars.com In this video we look at Unison's Midi Chord Pack and Niko's Midi Chord Pack. I also make music using chord progressions from each chord pack. Which one is the best Midi Chord Pack for you? Midi Chord Packs are useful tools for music producers and songwriters. They let you easily create, edit and write chord progressions and melodies. I see these two chord packs advertised and talked about a lot. I wanted to check both of these out today and learn a little more about midi chord packs together. The Unison Midi Chord pack has any chord you'd ever need to assemble a chord progression. Everything is categorized by key and is organized really nicely. You also have dozens of unique chord progressions to use as well. Niko's midi pack is full of unique chord progressions, melodies, arpeggios and more. In this video we look at both Midi Chord Packs and make music using chord progression from each chord pack. #midichordpack #unison #nikosmidipack 0:00 Unison vs. Niko's Midi Pack 0:36 Always on sale... 1:00 Unison Midi Chord Pack Contents 2:26 Make Money Selling Your Beats 3:26 Unison's Chord Progressions 4:57 Making a beat with Unison's Midi Pack 6:39 Niko's Midi Pack Contents 7:30 Niko's Chord Progressions 8:52 Making a beat with Niko's Midi Pack 10:38 Who are these useful for?

Make music FASTER with MIDI Chord Progressions


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Making RnB chord progressions, quick tip


You can make cool RnB chord progressions by inserting the 2-5 chord sequence. In this quick tutorial, we start with a random chord within the key, and use the 2 - 5 sequence to resolve to Cmaj7. But there are ton of other combinations you can use with this technique, including 2 - 5 sequences that borrow from other key signatures. #shorts #rnbpiano #musicproduction #chords FREE Midi Packs, Samples, and Preset Packs! 🤍 Release your tracks with a 7% discount on DISTROKID! 🤍 Social media links! 🤍 Book a Lesson with Me! 🤍 tags (ignore): RnB, R&B, chord, progressions, piano, piano chords, piano chords tips, rnb piano lesson, RnB piano chords, piano chord tutorial, jazzhop, chillhop, neo-soul, piano chords tricks, chord progressions, music theory, music, music production, music producer, ableton, live, ableton live, ableton live music production, music production tutorial, RnB music production, RnB piano type beat, quick piano chords tutorial

Free MIDI Chord Packs in REAPER


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10 Awesome Chord Progressions Every Producer Should Know


In this video, I show you how to create the Top 10 chord progressions in modern music. These chord progressions took me years to discover and the strategies to create them, but you'll love these chords. Want to learn piano at a deeper level? Check out the Modern Piano Masterclass here: 🤍 🔥 Get Instant Access To OVER 3,000 MELODIES Royalty-Free For A Limited-Time: 🤍 🔥 - 🔥 FREE Downloads For YOU 🔥 ⭐️ Niko's Free MIDI Chord Guide: 🤍 🚀 Avicii MIDI Pack: 🤍 🎼 Watch Niko's Piano Training: 🤍 👌🏻 Niko's Piano "Cheat Codes" Guide: 🤍 - 🏆PREMIUM Downloads 🏆 💎Niko's Ultimate MIDI Pack (10,000 MIDI Files): 🤍 - 👊🏻 Other FREE Music Producer Downloads 👊🏻 🏝 Sigala MIDI Pack: 🤍 🙌🏼 Illenium MIDI Pack: 🤍 ⭐️ Beautiful Melodies MIDI Pack: 🤍 - 📺 Watch My Top YouTube Playlists 📺 1️⃣ Chord Progression Composition Videos: 🤍 2️⃣ Melody Writing Videos: 🤍 3️⃣ Piano Beginner Video Playlist: 🤍 4️⃣ Music Production Tutorial Videos: 🤍 5️⃣ Music Business Videos: 🤍 6️⃣ Niko's Original Piano Music: 🤍 7️⃣ Niko's Piano Covers: 🤍 8️⃣ Niko's Pop/Dance Music: 🤍 - 💥 Niko's Music Channels & Website 💥 📷 Instagram - 🤍 - 🔔Anything else? ✉️Contact: support🤍pianoforproducers.com - #howtowritebasslines #betterbasslines #nikokotoulas 🤍

Enhance your LoFi Chord Progressions with Counterpoint - Contrary Motion (Part 12)


❖ Project File: 🤍 ❖ Book me as a Co-Producer and/or Session Musician: 🤍 ❖ Take a One on One Lesson: 🤍 ● Full Video - How to Make LoFi Hip Hop: 🤍 ● Presets: ・Ableton Analog Synth Preset Pack: 🤍 ・Bundle: 🤍 ● MIDI Packs: ・Chord/Bass/Melody MIDI pack: 🤍 ・Odd Time Signature Drum MIDI pack: 🤍 ・Chord Ebook with MIDI: 🤍 ● My Music: 🤍 ● Ableton Project Files: ・Anjuna Style Project File: 🤍 ・UK Garage Project File: 🤍 ● Patreon [project files, samples, MIDI, presets & more]: 🤍 ● My Website: 🤍 ● Links ・Instagram: 🤍 ・Discord: 🤍 ・Other Platforms: 🤍 ✍︎ Questions, comments, or business inquiries: 🤍 How to make your LoFi Hip Hop Jazz Chords connect more fluidly by using Contrary Motion, a basic voice leading concept in the study of counterpoint. Contrary Motion is when notes move in opposite directions. In this case, we will be using the idea to guide our choices on where to move the top and bottom notes and arrive at a chord voicing. In this example, the top and bottom notes of every chord move in contrary motion. Chord, Voicing, Counterpoint, Lofi, Jazz, Ableton, Tutorial, Harmony, Voicings, Voice, Leading, Contrary, Motion, Scale, Piano, Roll, Synth, Chords, Melody, Tape, Cassette, Echo, Delay, Reverb, Minor, Midi, Groove, Music, Production, Beatmaking, Study, Sampler, musicproducer, musicproduction, beat, beats, beatmaker, chordprogression, lofihiphop, lofimusic, studymusic, lofisong, lofipiano, pianotutorial, pianoeasy, musictheory, ambient, ambientmusic, abletontutorial, abletonlive, Lofi, synth, Melody, Lead, hiphop, chords, arpeggio, variation, Tape, Effect, Cassette, Delay, Echo, Pitch, modulation, sounddesign, sound, Wobble, Piano, Chord, Ableton, musicproduction, electronicmusic, Sampler, Jazz, Scale, Minor, Harmony, Music, Tutorial, ambient, ambientmusic, effect, Chord, Analog, Bass, Bassline, Reverb, DrumRack, Groove, Drums, Beat, abletonlive, musicproducer, Production, Beatmaking, beatmaker, space, Study, Arpeggio, Counterpoint, Kick, Snare, HiHat #lofi #beats #musicproducer

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How To Make Advanced Melodies And Chord Progressions Easily


In this video, I show how to make advanced melodies and chord progressions. Midi Download: 🤍 🔥 Get my kits here: 🤍 💥Affiliate Links *Upload your music/beats to streaming platforms with distrokid (save 7%): 🤍 _ 💵 Get a 1 On 1 Consulation : 🤍 📨 Email: LifeStyleDidIt🤍Gmail.com _ ♼ Stay Connected: ✔ Subscribe | 🤍 ✔Twitter : 🤍 ✔Instagram : 🤍 #flstudio #melodies

Piano Chord Progressions For Beatmakers


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MIDI Madness 3 | Generate MIDI Melodies, Chord Progressions & Bass lines Plugin


Check-out MIDI Madness 3 🤍 See Deals on Plugins 🤍 In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper demonstrates and reviews the key features of MIDI Madness 3 by MIDI Madness Software and there is a lot to be impressed with. This device creates Melodies, Chord Progressions and even Bass Lines at the click of a button. You can also load your favourite VSTi right into MIDI Madness, so no messy complicated routing needs to be done in your DAW. Not only that, but you can randomize parameter automation for your VSTi as well... all this and more in the video! #MIDIPlugin #Melodies #ChordProgressions Check-out MIDI Madness 3 🤍 See Deals on Plugins 🤍

How To Make Chord Progressions Like Pop Smoke (Free MIDI)


How To Make Chord Progressions Like Pop Smoke | Get the free MIDI chord progressions used in this video here ➡️ 🤍 In this video, we'll show you the top ways to create dark chord progressions like the one and only Pop Smoke. Hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we'll answer them for you. Also, if you have any requests for future tutorials, let us know as well. You can download the MIDI chord progressions from this tutorial for free here: ➡️ 🤍 Subscribe so you don't miss future tutorials here: ➡️ 🤍 And connect with us on social media for production tips & updates: Instagram ► 🤍 TikTok ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Chapters: 00:24 - The Woo 08:18 - Hello 11:51 - What you know bout love If you're new to the channel, we're Unison and we help you produce professional-sounding music while eliminating all the guesswork, frustration and overwhelm. To check out our free packs, MIDI packs, sample packs, presets, plugins & more – visit our website: 🤍 Related Tags: how to pop smoke chord progressions, pop smoke chord progressions, pop smoke chords, pop smoke melodies, pop smoke tutorial, pop smoke chord tutorial, pop smoke chord, hip hop chord progressions, chord progression tutorial, unison midi chords, unison midi chord pack, unison free midi, unison, unison audio, hip hop chord tutorial, how to hip hop chords

This Plugin Makes Creating Chord Progressions SO EASY! - MIDIQ Review


Get the MIDIQ Plugin (try it for free): 🤍 STPL Sounds - Sample Pack That Keeps Growing ➜ 🔥 Get It Here: 🤍 In this tutorial I am going to show you an easy way to create chord progressions with the new MIDIQ VST Plugin from WA PRODUCTION. It makes creating chords really simple and fast. Sponsored by W.A. Production



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popular Afrobeat Chord Progressions use in 2023 (updated) + royalty free midi


In this video, i will show you some afrobeat chord progressions use in 2023 and how you can use them to your advantage by changing the rhythm of the chords and transposing them to a defrend key of choice PURCHASE YOUR AFRO MIDI CHORD PACK 🤍 purchase HIGH QUALITY AFROBEAT SAMPLE PACK 🤍 PEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE 🤍 Follow us: facebook: 🤍 instagram: Thanks for watching, and a big thanks to you if you SUBSCRIBE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Biggest Vocal Mixing SECRET I ever learned (EP2)" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

The Secret To Beautiful Chords


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